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Young—Stay in School!

War, it will be seen, not only accomplishes the necessary destruction, but it accomplishes it in a psychologically acceptable way. In principle it would be quite simple to waste the surplus labour of the World by building temples and pyramids, by digging holes and filling them up again, or even by producing vast quantities of … Continue reading

The More One Thinks One is Free from Lying, the More One is in it

Flight into the home was only part of a general postwar retreat from the World—a flight that would have occurred without Baby and Child Care. The phenomena was established as a pattern after the September 11, 2001 attacks on US soil, which spawned many home renovations and renovation television programs. This was in response to … Continue reading

Look Away Always When You See it

Before consciousness can come, a certain degree of activity in the movement must be reached. This requisite degree is called the “threshold;” but the height of the threshold varies under different circumstances: it may rise of fall. As Sarah L. Winchester was working on her sprawling complex, sighting of an old man, dressed in a … Continue reading

Heard is Not Understood and Understood is Not Done

Everyone wants a place where they can be alone occasionally, and when they have such a place, it is only common courtesy in anyone else who knows of it to keep one’s knowledge to oneself.  Yielding and mastery are two sides of the same command over life. While we are still able-bodied, we tend to … Continue reading

People Live in Sleep

There is no middle ground in the stark appraisal of suffering. We hope only for recovery and for a return to self-sufficiency. Anything less invokes bitterness. Everyone eats but few kill. Technicians fell the lamb. Eating becomes a ceremony of innocence, tinkle of crystal, rustle of taffeta. Teeth are for beauty: straighten them, make them … Continue reading

Did Mental Pain Leave Her as Easily as Physical Pain?

In every being that is real there is something external to, and sacred from, the grasp of every other. God’s being is sacred from ours. In 1884, Mrs. Winchester left New Haven, Connecticut, and the graves of her husband and only child, moved to San Jose, California, and began the obsession that was to last … Continue reading

One Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

On a bench in the park, mid-afternoon, dreamily noting the drift of the species back and forth—to think—this multitude is but a wee little fraction of the Earth’s population! And all blood-kin to me, every one! Eve ought to have come with me; this would excite her affectionate heart, she was never able to keep … Continue reading

There is No Other Remedy

As a young lady, Sarah Pardee was the Belle of New Haven, Connecticut.  Born in the heart of unsurpassing wild and romantic scenery and old legendary castles, she was highly cultured, a finished musician, an avid reader and spoke four languages. Long ago she learned of the existence of some papers which set out doctrines … Continue reading

The Problem is Who Will Risk One’s Life to Bell the Cat?

When a society offers at its apex a scheme of things, inclusive and integrative of all subordinate orientations, and when that scheme by virtue of being generally accepted as true holds great authority, then that society is unified and cohesive, is an organism. There many different ways consciousness can be studied. Take a watch and … Continue reading

Appearing Excessively Greedy Will Make Others Less Willing to Negotiate with You!

So the years waxed and waned, and the great-grandchildren of Adam lifted up their voices and cried with a mighty tumult, saying, “Write!” even as the generations that had gone before. Wherefore did Adam promise yet once again. And again did he procrastinate, as in the days of old, he loving his ease the more … Continue reading