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Time is Running Out—Stop Buying Time for Error

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A mob, which is generally the growth of a redundant population goaded by resentment for real sufferings, but totally ignorant of the quarter from which they originate, is of all monsters the most fatal to freedom. It fosters a prevailing tyranny and engenders on where it was not; and though in its dreadful fits of resentment it appears occasionally to devour its unsightly offspring; yet no sooner is the horrid deed committed, than, however unwilling it may be to propagate such a breed, it immediately groans with a new birth. Of the tendency of mobs to produce tyranny we may not, perhaps, be long without an example in this country…If political discontents were blended with cries of hunger, and a revolution were to take place by the instrumentality of a mob clamoring for want of food, the consequences would be unceasing carnage, a bloody career of which nothing but the establishment of some complete despotism could arrest. The word degenerate, which applied to a people means (as it ought to mean) that the people has no longer the same intrinsic value as it had before, because it has no longer the same blood in its veins, continual adulterations having gradually affected the quality of that blood. In other words, though the nation bears the same given by its founders, the name no longer connotes the same race; in fact, the man of a decadent time, the degenerate man properly so called, is a different being, from the racial point of view, from the heroes of the great ages. The idea of genocide has been going around—it is something that has been in the Black community for a long time. However, those particular pieces, which seemed to be suggesting that there was a resurgence of this kind of thinking going on, is an immediate cause for looking into it. #RandolphHarris 1 of 21

Although the White community also believes they are facing genocide in America, that is not going to be the focus on this report, but you will notice they are becoming a minority in many communities. Some people wonder what is happening to them as well. There is something wrong and it is very abnormal to pretend, or at least not known that anything is wrong, when it really is a very hurtful thing. Our human civilized stock is far more weakly through congenital imperfection than that of any other species of animals, whether wild or domestic. There is a very gloomy future for humanity, on the ground that in our modern civilization natural selection had no play, and the fittest did not survive. Many feel they are enduring as an extinct person in a society, and what kind of society would require extinctions of people that were not extinct. It is hard to understand and cope with deaf, dumb, and blindness of a public, who one thinks wants to know the truth, but who, in fact, only wants to know what they want to hear. Race is an invention. It is a method of control to obliterate certain people’s reference for land and to impose a reference of domination. Racism is the act of imposing the manifestation of race. You behave in that mental system. It can sometimes be a bureaucratic application of death. White supremacy is the product of domination. That is the definition of American domination…actually, global domination, but more locally, American domination. You have to have a reason. You steal something, you do something wrong, you have to take something over that normally would not come into your possession under moral or normal circumstances. There have to be inventions to keep the whole thing going, and white supremacy, as an idea, has to be something that it put over by force, or demonstration. Perhaps there are superior beings? #RandolphHarris 2 of 21

A conspiracy is a plan. A method. Sometimes conscious, something not. Genocide is a murder of a kind. There are many places in the World where campaigns verging on, if not actually meeting, that standard are going on. I can think of recent incidents. There was, for example, in Nicaragua, the campaign against the Miskito Indians, which—I have not been there but—based on the reports which came out it appeared that it was an ethically based campaign to wipe out that population. Some of what has happened in Brazil to the Amazon tribes, I have not been there, but based on that….I do know first hand that in Africa there are a number of cases of tribal conflict that have verged on, if not actually crossed over into, genocide. So, yeah, it exists, for sure, even now. I think what happened to the Kurds verges on and probably crosses into genocidal campaigns. Sure. It does on. However, what is happening to Black Americans is different. Not only is the race being discriminated against, but so are certain individuals who show promise in their youth. Some politicians find anyway possible to ruin their lives financially, physically, and mentally. It is not that well known about, but becoming more obvious that people are not just crying “wolf.” And sometimes abusers will accuse the powerless victims of what they themselves are guilty of. To make genocide possible or probable, a community has to commit to wiping out another ethnic group on the basis of ethnicity. And secondly, they have to have the power to do that. And again, I do not think in this country, the conditions may pertain because of the hatred that has flared up against certain races of people, which is being stoked by politicians. However, at this point, no government has the power in America to wipe out a race of people for we are not a socialist or communist country yet. #RandolphHarris 3 of 21

The intention of the American government is not to eliminate any one population. While there may be factions of local governments who try to start race wars because they are bitter over something from the past that may not even have anything to do with America, these are still isolated cases. The Armed Forces are very diverse for that sort of thing to be carried out, and I believe if the police suspected something was wrong, they would contact the proper authorities to stop it. There is not much evidence that it is taking place in society, at all, at this time. But, if we become a socialist or communist country, it may become a way of life, which is why a certain political party keeps increasing your taxes, refusing to help citizens, and eroding your civil rights. That is why they are trying to disarm Americans, so they cannot fight back. We have not gotten to the point where one race of people has applied the application of death, and said, “They are red devils, the sin and scum of the Earth! We are chosen by God to kill them all off!” And there has to be a way to carry that out. And since nobody volunteers to be killed off, there has to be some deceit, and other kinds of low-life, immoral methods to trick and exploit and just violate situations, so that genocide can take place. While it was happening in the past, as the brainwashing of society has decreased and more Americans have been exposed to African Americans and see their art and culture, ideas, designs and works, they are more trusting of them and see them as a value to human society. However, there are always going to be a few bad apples in any bunch. However, genocide could take place in a democracy by a majority vote. #RandolphHarris 4 of 21

Yet it is probably unlikely that genocide would take place. That is why the United States of America, has constitutional protections: To protect human life, because it is not always possible. The mass hysteria that attended the rise of Nazism in Germany could conceivably take rise in any society in the World, if you had sufficient friction, and the right ethnic group, and the right sort of numbers involved. Again, I do not think that pertains to the United States of America, but it is conceivable it could occur somewhere else, and probably has. At this point, it does not seem, that democracy is possible with genocide, because genocide is extreme repression-oppression and elimination-obliteration. And democracy in interaction of interdependent peers that are able to articulate, not only to others, but to themselves. They are aware. They have language. They have access to self-empowering skills, and ideas, and entities. And most important to that is a sense of selfhood. Not invented manifestations of oppression, like racializing. We are dehumanized into other definitions that make us think we are not people. Victims can play certain roles in a genocidal process that facilitates genocide. For one, by not fighting back. Now recognizing what is happening to them, not fighting back. Many people criticize the Black Lives Matter movement or those who believe they are Aryan Supermen, but there is a reason they hold their beliefs and do what they do to stand up for their rights. However, genocide is not something that is happening on a wide scale in America. There is a process of scapegoating, in which people find it much more easy…to project these kind of fantasies onto a structure that they have been opposed to—and for good reason—that they are skeptical of, that they are suspicious of, and fearful of, and when they have got a heck of a problem of their own, is to insist that someone is doing this to them. #RandolphHarris 5 of 21

It is a natural human instinct: To scapegoat when you have got an insoluble problem and you feel strongly that somebody has malign intentions for you. By accepting the fact, and being aware that one has a selfhood, outside of the genocidal process, this is what makes one unwilling to volunteer to be killed anymore, spiritually or physically. They can help in the genocidal process by denial—by denying that there is a genocidal process. And being compulsive, which results in addictions of any type. It would almost, in modern times, be impossible to exterminate a race of people in America. Not only because they would not go down supinely, but also because they have many allies. It does will not happen, as long as we are a capitalistic society, ruled by Americans. When you start killing off a race of people, you are being killed, too. By just trying to figure out what is “a Black person” on the way to the gas chamber, one is going to have a very difficult time sometimes with their paper-bag test. It is not always going to work, first of all And we just do not always know who is who and who does not have the one drop of quote-unquote, “Black blood,” which is the most ridiculous idea that could have come out of this whole thing; one of many. And in such a drive act, if anybody were to try to do such a thing, it would result in such madness that it would be impossible to think anybody could get away with such a thing without destroying themselves. Fostering the good-for-nothing at the expense of the good is an extreme cruelty. It is a deliberate storing up of miseries for future generations. There is no greater curse to posterity than that of bequeathing them an increasing population of imbeciles. #RandolphHarris 6 of 21

However, cultural genocide is a concept that makes some sense. There is still racial oppression on the harshest sort of scale, and it may be considered a sort of genocide. Oppression by enforced violence might be considered genocide because it allows a group of people to break the bread winners of the family, which makes it harder for them and their children to survive, which means they have a disadvantage at life and are less likely to reproduce and survive. At the present time considerable alarm has been expressed at the apparently growing disinclination of American women to bear children, and a cry has been raised against what people call race suicide. The eugenic ideal which is now developing is not an artificial product, but the reasoned manifestation of a natural instinct, which has often been far more severely strained by any eugenic ideals of the future. The new ideal ill be absorbed into the conscience of the community, whether or not like a new kind of religion, and will instinctively and impulsively influence the impulses of men and women. It will do all this the more surely since, unlike the taboos of savage societies, the eugenic ideal will lead men and women to reject as partners only the men and women who are naturally unfit—the diseased, the abnormal, the weaklings—and conscience will this be on the side of impulse. Anytime you have a seizure of land by people who would not come in that position under moral or normal circumstances, you have to have genocide is the thought. That is why so many people in North Dakota are upset that back in November of 2022, Red River Trust, also known as Bill Gates, quietly purchased 2,001 acres of farmland that spans two counties and costs $13.5 million dollars. In fact, Bill Gates is the largest holder of farmland in America. He owns 269,000 acres of farmland in America. And Gates is not the only one buying up land.  A Chinese company and food manufacturer purchased 300 acres near Grandforest and twenty minutes from the Grandforest Air Force base. With how the media dethroned and banned President Trump from social media, this should be a real huge concern for democracy. #RandolphHarris 7 of 21

The Survivor: An Anatomy of the Death Camps, is a book by Depres where he refers to the accusation and the confession: Where the Nazis would beat the prisoners, or harass them, or browbeat them so badly into confessing to something that they did not do, and one survivor had described that “to confess to them, was to say to them, and to yourself, that you never were who you had been.” And to get you to confess or to submit to my system of surrendering your wallet, you have to do some mental rearranging, in order to agree to do that. To cope with doing that. to make that seem all right with you. So whenever there is an issue of seized land, that is what is going to go hand-in-hand with it. Just like, scientifically, genocide cannot go hand-in-hand with democracy, geocide goes hand-in-hand with seizure of land. Where they have no selfhood, because everybody’s identity depends on the domination of another, and where that power is traded off, back and forth, interchangeably. Some many people are now giving credit to such an idea of genocide because of the ravages of crack, fentanyl, meth, marijuana, high homicide rates of Black youth, the high infant morality rate of Black infants, the shorter life expectancy of Black men in particular, higher rates of cancer, COVID, and other certain diseases that take place in the Black community, the marketing of liquor and cigarettes in the Black community—all those thing, I think, tend to give people the idea that there is a racist conspiracy to exterminate them. However, White men also fear that they are now becoming targets. People are targeting police and killing them and many of them are predominately White. Also, it seems in is now impossible for a White many to win an election in America, even if he seems more qualified than his democratic opponent. #RandolphHarris 8 of 21

Also, most soldiers in America are White and they are often sent overseas and die or come home injured, and do not have many benefits when they come home. There is developing in America, an environment of extreme terror. People are responding in terms of genocidal acts of aggression against them, because of how brutal things are and can be. And also, as DePres has said in his book, that a lot of people refused to believe that it was going on in Nazi Germany, too. And it was just that people who, “live decently,” do not want to think that there is anything going on around them that could mean a guilt on their part, or an examination of their lives, or a questioning of their own motives or failure to do something about it. However, that has its opposite reaction: For all of that denial, you also have that very same panic and fear. Not that the fears of the people are unfounded, but from the absolute fright of what is going on—which is so obvious to them, but is totally deniable and invisible to others who seem to willfully not want to address it or change it. There is another form of absolute terror! When you totally rearrange what is going on around you into “Mumbo Jumbo,” or to trivialize it, to the point of contempt, is another form of denial. To say it is not true, to trivialize. Some people even believe that African-Americans who have become mayors and police chiefs in dozens of cities are either willing participants in Black genocide or inept dupes. It is not a matter of somebody being stupid. That is one of the tricks about abuse victims in a dysfunctional family situation. You are told that what happened to you is because you are stupid and it was your fault. Or that you wanted it that way and you cause what happened to you to happen. See, it is none of the above. #RandolphHarris 9 of 21

When you are talking about a behavioral system, then you are talking about a dysfunctional situation, like a family or a society. When you are looking at the behavior reference, the ongoing process, then you know it is not a matter of villains and heroes, but a sickness, and people can do things compulsively. You can tell certain people that the Surgeon General warns against cigarette smoke and vaping and that 90 percent of street drug pills tested in Sacramento County are fake and mixed with fentanyl, and can be hazardous to their health and even deadly, and they will agree with you! They have their throat out, and they are smoking through the hole in their throat. It has nothing to do with intellectualizing, or an intellectual understanding, or a willful act to destroy yourself, as much as it is the addiction and the compulsion from a dependency disorder. Benign neglect works in a genocidal process. The Black population has decreased since 2010 from 12.6 percent of the American population to 12.4 percent in 2020. One can brutalize you without touching you, without hitting you. One can just not speak to you. One can be cold where you might need approval, or one might need nurturing. One can just not nurture you. One can not interact with you. One can set up situations so that you never self-actualize; you can never imagine or create vision about yourself, because there is no such thing as a “you.” And at the same time one can clothe you. It is important to have a strong mind, and be able to understand what your strengths are, and the power that you have, so that you can always make your own decisions. But there is a genocidal process, or an obliterating process to both human beings. So the benign neglect concept works very well. #RandolphHarris 10 of 21

In fact, it is operational in the mechanics of ultimate despair, and that means, “I have nothing left to lose,” which means I can kill myself, or harm others. It really depends on how one expresses anger, internally or externally. There is some selective law enforcement that goes on quite a bit, even when a prosecutor does not have a case, they have ways to pressure people into not going to a trial and admitting to the charges and can follow and terrorize that person for one’s entire life, even though it is illegal, but no one will say anything. Not even the judge. The police are much more prone to arrest Blacks. The criminal justice system, for a whole variety of reasons, is much more likely to convict Blacks in these crimes. They do not have access to the same quality of lawyers, same kind of finances that help in a legal defense strategy and so forth. However, the majority of people in jail belong there, and there are people in jail who are innocent. There is a whole body of sociological theory that demonstrates that people who are poor and who are oppressed tend to commit more crimes. So, just because your income is not as high as someone else’s or because of the color of your skin, you may be accused of causing accidents you are not at fault at, insurance companies may not think you have credibility because you are Black, or because your income is lower than someone else’s, you made be confused of crimes more often. In American you have a Black marginalized population, who people have been brainwashed into think are not valuable. You have a huge White majority and a lot of new immigrants who sometimes still prescribe to these old ideas. Therefore people fear Blacks for a variety of reasons, some justified, some not. Even successful, just getting started or established Blacks can be considered a threat. Much like poor, middle-class and rich White men are starting to be seen as a threat. #RandolphHarris 11 of 21

True aristocracy is governed by the wisest and best, always a small minority in the population. Human society is like a serpent dragging its long body on the ground, but with the head always thrust a little in advance and a little elevated above the Earth. The serpent’s tail, in human society represented by the antisocial forces, was in the past dragged by sheer force along the path of progress. Such has been the organization of mankind from the beginning, and such it still is in older communities than ours. What progress humanity can make under the control of universal suffrage, or the rule of the average, may find a further analogy in the habits of certain snakes which wiggle sideways and disregard the head with its brain and eyes. Such serpents, however, are not noted for their ability to make rapid progress. Enlightenment rejected that moderate Socratic compromise between society and philosophy, poetry and science, which had governed intellectual life for so long and had made possible the foundation of political science. However, unlike pre-Socratic philosophy, which had no interest in politics at all, this science wished to rule and conclude rule. The new science had indeed generated sufficient power to rule, but in order to do so had had to lose the human perspective. In other words, some deny that modern science has actually established a human or political science. All to the contrary, it had destroyed it. Such a political science would, in the first place, have to understand man as man, and not as a geometric figure with flesh on it. In the second place, it would have to ensure the harmony between the good of science or scientists and that of a decent political community. On the Flying Island, neither condition is met. In particular, the scientists exploit the nonscientists at to live their version of the contemplative life in safety and comfort. #RandolphHarris 12 of 21

More simply put, the scientists in power and with power do not give a care about mankind at large. The whole conspiracy is like any other. The potential tyrant speaks in the name of the common good but is seeking a private good. Bacon’s House of Solomon in the New Atlantis is just propaganda for the Flying Island. The scientists want to live as they please—delighting in numbers, figures, and starts—and are no longer obliged to hide their desires. The people still have a means of making themselves felt, but they are essentially enslaved to what scientists provide for them. The scientists can cut off the sun’s light to the World below. Natural science very quickly withdrew from the Enlightenment project as a whole, leaving the human parts of it to fend for themselves. The laws of nature were scientific, but natural science no longer claimed to be able to legislate human laws, leaving political science out in the cold, without a rational or scientific basis. Instead of being real partners in the business of overthrowing the antiscientific regimes of the past, the scientists became fellow travelers. Once theological supervision was defeated and everyone accepted the need for scientists instead of priest, science was free and used them. Early Enlightenment thinkers appear to have believed that there was a perfect coincidence between rational consent of the governed and the freedom of science. However, science could not rationalize all men, and turned out not to have to, inasmuch as it became able to force whatever rulers there are to support it and leave it alone. #RandolphHarris 13 of 21

When there were still rulers who would in principle persecute a Galileo if they found out what he was up to—because his investigations undermined their legitimacy, founded on sacred texts—scientist were natural allies of all opponents of these rulers. The fascination of early modern thought with the ecclesiastical authority as the one great danger to freedom of thought caused the philosophers to believe that the alliance formed to overthrow it was permanent. In the event, it turned out that once there were secular rulers who had no absolute commitment to a nonrational or unscientific view of nature, the nonhuman part of the Enlightenment was immune. Self-interest, the great modern motivating principle, no longer dictated concern for the other thinkers, and science or reason, which appeared now to belong utterly to the natural philosopher, no longer gave the political and moral thinkers any warrant. In short, the common front presented by human and natural science in the name of democracy became an ideology. The condition of natural science in Russian is dreadful tyranny founded on science. And natural science, alone among the learned disciplines, and natural scientists, alone among the learned disciplines, and natural scientists, along among human beings, have been able to force the tyrants to leave them alone. A Russian mathematician is as much a mathematician as an American mathematician, whereas a historian or a political scientist must be a sham, a party hack. Natural science can now flourish in Russia, because Russian tyrants have finally recognized their unconditional need of the scientists. They cannot endure the historians or political scientists, and they do not have to. These latter are not of the same species as the natural scientists, either in the eyes of the natural scientists or those of the tyrants. #RandolphHarris 14 of 21

Most unpleasant of all is that this dreadful regime gets its power to maintain its rule from the natural science. As sciences they are neutral, expect with respect to what concerns their interests, and cannot judge Biden to be superior to Stalin. This would have probably been true of pre-Socratics too, but they did not generate political power. They were indifferent to political regimes and provided aid and comfort to none. The new scientists are the cause of all. The pre-Socratics lived in splendid isolation as models of the theoretical life. Natural scientists now project an ambiguous image. Although they may be truly theoretical, thy do not appear that way to untheoretical men. Their involvement in human things gives them a public role as curers of diseases and inventors of nuclear weapons, as bastions of democracy and bastions of totalitarianism. Andrei Sakharov is humanly most impressive, but his stand for human rights does not follow from his science and, to day the least, does not guarantee him the fellowship of other Soviet scientists. The new dispensation has protected science; it has done nothing to give scientists control over the uses of the results of science, or the wherewithal to know how to use those results, if they were indeed able to gain control over them. Natural science in the long run won out over the Party when its results clashed with Marxist orthodoxy, but it could not control the Party’s political action. And no future tyrant is likely to imitate Hitler’s doctrinarism, which caused him to send Jewish scientists to his enemies to insure his defeat. Science in that sense moderate potential Hitlers—but only in that sense. In general it increases man’s power without increasing his virtue, hence increasing his power to do both good and evil. #RandolphHarris 15 of 21

The total picture is one of great danger resulting from the political involvement of science. Some people asset that we have to reinvent politics in order to meet the danger. Politics was already reinvented by the founders of Enlightenment, and that is the problem. It turned out that natural science had nothing to say about human things, about the uses of science for life or about the scientists. When a poet writes about a poet, he does so as a poet. When a scientist talks about scientists, he does not do so as a scientist. If he does so, he uses none of the tools he uses in his scientific activity, and his conclusions have none of the demonstrative character he demands in his science. Science had broken off from the self-consciousness about science that was the core of ancient science. This loss of self-consciousness is somehow connected with the banishment of poetry. One does not overlook the fact that religion has at times sacrificed both personal and eugenic values. Cases of flagellation and religious celibacy come to mind as two spectacular instances. Since progress toward eugenic ideals is hampered by the present inadequate motivation toward eugenic conduct, the eugenicist looks with eager hope to religion for possible aid. Yet, unfortunately, it is necessary to admit that to date religion has contributed, along with some slight eugenic motivation, a large mixture of dysgenic motivation. If, on the average, the religious celibates were inferior, there would be no net eugenic loss, but this is not the case, especially with many celibate males who are held to high scholastic standards. Our most serious problems are not technical, nor do they arise from inadequate information. If a nuclear catastrophe occurs, it shall not be because of inadequate information. #RandolphHarris 16 of 21

Where people are dying of starvation, it does not occur because of inadequate information. If families break up, children are mistreated, crime terrorizes a city, education is impotent, it does not happen because of inadequate information. Mathematical equations, instantaneous communication, and vast quantities of information have nothing whatever to do with any of these problems. And the computer is useless in addressing them. And yet, because of its “universality,” the computer compels respect, even devotion, and argues for a comprehensive role in all fields of human activity. Those who insist that it is foolish to deny the computer vast sovereignty are singularly devoid of what Paul Goodman once called “technological modesty”—that is, having a sense of the whole and not claiming or obtruding more than a particular function warrants. Norbert Wiener warned about lack of modesty when he remarked that, if digital computers had been in more common use before the atomic bomb was invented, people would have said that the bomb could not have been invented without computers. However, it was. And it is important to remind ourselves of how many things are quite possible to do without the use of computers. When the Dallas Cowboys were consistently winning football championships, their success was attributed to the fact that computers were used to evaluate and select team members. During the past several years, when Dallas has been hard put to win more than a few games, not much has been said about the computers, perhaps because people have realized that computers have nothing to do with winning football games, and never did. One might say the same about writing lucid, economical, stylish prose, which has nothing to do with word processors. Although my students do not believe it, it is actually possible to write well without a processor and, I should say, to write poorly with one. #RandolphHarris 17 of 21

Technological immodesty is always an acute danger in Technopoly, which encourages it. Technopoly also encourages insensitivity to what skills may be lost in the acquisition of new ones. It is important to remember what can be done without computers, and it is also important to remind ourselves of what may be lost when we do use them. Shashank Joshi, who rases soy on two acres in India’s Madya Pradesh state, is also providing online price information to farmers—but as part of a business-cum-social innovation called e-choupal.ITC, one of India’s biggest corporations, needed a better system for procuring the soy, tobacco, coffee, wheat and other crops its exports. Which was why it set up its own I.T. network for thousands of growers in rural India. It provided computers to Joshi and others like him. In return, the recipient agreed to turn his home into a choupal, or gathering place, where the less affluent could come to meet, chat, drink tea—and find out the latest prices for their crops in local, government-mandated markets. Or, for that matter, on the Chicago Board of Trade. According to Kuttayan Annamalai and Sachin Rao of the World Resources Institute, each choupal computer serves “an average of 600 farmers in 10 surrounding villages.” In addition to tracking prices, the grower can learn about new farming techniques—either directly from the screen or, because many farmers are illiterate, with help from the host farmers, or sanchalak. Some online information is rewritten by the farmers themselves to make it more reader-friendly. The sanchalak receives a commission from ITC for purchases made through him but “is obligated by public oath to serve the entire community.” #RandolphHarris 18 of 21

The bottom line: When ITC buys from the farmers, it is at the previous day’s closing price. Only then does the farmer transport his crop to an ITC processing center. And prices average 2.5 percent higher than those available to him in the government market system. The basement line: Despite India’s success in attracting outsourced high-tech business from the United States of America and elsewhere, and despite echoupals and many other innovations and experiments, the country has an even longer way to go than China in closing the digital divide. Price information and a few tips on how to improve a crop are the least of the Internet’s potential for the rural poor. The Web, is in fact, the World’s smartest agronomist, offering no few than 21 million agriculture sites, accessible by plant, region, climate, ecology, chemistry, biology and just about every other topic of relevance to a farmer. Rural villagers can teach outsiders plenty about courage, grit, humor in the face of hardship, and about coming to terms with bitter reality. And arrogant, ignorant outsiders traipsing into a village to “help” deserve the scorn they often receive. However, as the price of computers continues to rise, along with the costs of cell phones and other tools that put isolated minds in contact with one another, nothing is more important than opening villages to the rich (and enriching) flow of outside knowledge. In a World in which knowledge and its component information and data are more and more inextricably linked to wealth creation, villagers need to know about matters that never seemed to matter. About the dangers of new plant and animal diseases from distant sources, about the changing value not merely of crops but of land and supplies, about looming environmental dangers (and opportunities), about new ways to fight corrpt local officials, about breakthroughs in medical care, and about other ways of life—including the lives of the children they have sorrowfully sent to the cities. #RandolphHarris 19 of 21

Today’s best knowledge tools, including the Internet, are still rudimentary, still maldistributed across the World, still clunky to use and still difficult for illiterates—no matter how intelligent—to navigate without help from intermediaries. (It may seem odd at first glance, but cracking the remaining barriers to inexpensive, simple speech-recognition technology could have a dramatic effect on village life and oral cultures by making it possible for millions to use the Net without first having to become literate. Few advances could do more to close the digital divide.) Yet the Internet, mobile phones and cam-phones, handled monitors and their successors technologies will be as fundamental a part of tomorrow’s agriculture as the shovel and the hoe have been throughout history. In 1976, Merrill Lynch’s total revenues, after ninety-one years of doing business, reached the magic billion-dollar mark. Ten years later, information and information technology had become so important that DuWayne Peterson, Merrill’s head of systems Operations and Telecommunications, by himself presided over an annual budget of $800 million—and that was only part of the total spent on information services. Merrill Lynch was basically divided into two parts. Its Capital Markets people created “products”—specialized funds, underwriting, stock and bond offerings—a dizzying profusion of investment vehicles. They also disbursed the capital raised by the firm. Its Retail people, by contrast—some 11,000 securities brokers in 500 branches—sold the products to investors. These two sides of the house were almost like two different political parties or tribes. Each had its own culture, leaders, and specialized needs. Each placed different demands on Merrill’s information systems. #RandolphHarris 20 of 21

On the Capital Market side, it was all real-time…It all happened in the now, the profit and loss, the inventories, the prices…everything had to be there, real time. It was thought to be bad on the Retail side. When the vice president got to the Capital Markets side, he walked into a whole different World…different people…with different attitudes. The data center ran differently obviously. The programmers and the people who managed them were different. The talents they needed, the knowledge of business, the understanding of the products, the integration of product and technology—he had never seen it quite as intense. Not surprisingly, there was a fundamental tension between the two sides of the house, and they wanted quite different things from the huge budget for information services and technology. Capital Markets was constantly demanding instantaneous, highly analyzed and sophisticated date, while Retail needed more transactional data, but less refined and complex information. A similar tension is found in many of the other big financial firms. Thus, those mostly concerned with assembling and providing capital—the Salomon Brothers, First Bostons, Morgan Stanleys, and Goldman, Sachses—invent more heavily in information and communications systems, as a rule, than those firms, like Merrill, Shearson, or Hutton, that are still primarily oriented toward retail securities. At Merrill the collision between the two sides of the house ended with a political battle royal and the departure of the CEO, a man regarded as sympathetic to the Capital Markets people and their informational needs. While the budget for information systems was not the critical factor in the Merrill case, it is likely to become more and more central to corporate politics as computers and communication begin to charge strategies and missions at the very highest levels. #RandolphHarris 21 of 21

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When you spend almost half of your life in a particular room, (even if lots reading) it should be well appointed!

The bedrooms at our #CresleighRanch Mills Station home are one of our favorite features. Residence 4 (at 4 Bedrooms – 3.5 Bathrooms – 2,692 sq. ft. – $770,000) is the largest floorplan in the community and features a super liveable, open concept design that we know you’ll love. https://cresleigh.com/mills-station/

 This exciting new Cresleigh Ranch neighborhood has charming style and appointments. The well-designed gourmet kitchen is equipped with a large center island with breakfast bar, plenty of counter and cabinet space, and roomy walk-in pantry. 

Residents will enjoy splendid amenities, such as parks, playgrounds and trails, as well as nearby shopping, public transportation, entertainment and schools.

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