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Bunker Bun Warmer—Wake Up from Your Fiestas!!

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People who are long before they see a thing, when once it strikes them, see it in the strongest light. Back in 1975, on the successful situational comedy show All in the Family, Archie Bunker was tired of waking up in the morning and sitting on a cold toilet seat, so he came up with a God sent idea. The idea of an electric toilet seat that would warm up automatically and wanted to call it the Bunker Bun Warmer. However, the idea was revolutionary at the time because it had never been heard of and a representative from a firm he was working with thought it was the craziest thing he had ever heard. However, in 2017, although high-technology toilet seats are still rare in most houses, they are a feature in some homes. Now days, high-technology toilet seats include a heated seat, a bidet, blow drier, fans, air freshener, many come with a built-in disinfecting system to clean the toilet, some play music, and others have colorful lights. There are even toilets that can do laundry. And although it sounded like a repulsive or ridiculous idea, electrically heated toilet seats have been popular in Japan since the 1970s. Sociologists call this kind of thinking ethnocentrism, which is a tendency to evaluate the customs of other groups according to one’s own cultural standards. #RandolphHarris 1 of 5


People that do not see all, often know nothing. The first electrically-heated toilet seat was manufactured on 5th January 1959. So, the idea that Archie Bunker had was reasonable, but when people encounter particularly advanced or exotic cultures, they are not always able to restrain their cultural biases. People are made for a sociable life and should love their fellow people in the same way they love God. We all see things in God. Divine ideas are things. The World is a great mechanism and goes like a clock. We know God directly; everything else is known by way of our apprehension of God’s nature as revealed in the idea which emanate from him. The fields of air are open to knowledge. That is why many people, even though they are separated by land, sea, and language, sometimes come up with the same ideas and they are unheard of in their cultures, and often thought to be original. The relation between our mind and God’s is left in obscurity. The Good Book (Christian Bible) tells us that God is just. This means he is fair and impartial. It also means that he hates the ill-treatment and oppression of people and of nature, which he has created. He hates lying, cheating and other forms of mistreatment of others. #RandolphHarris 2 of 5

Strong minds perceive that justice is the highest of the moral attributes. The fact that God is just means that he can and will judge between right and wrong and he will administer justice in accordance with his standards. The knowledge of all law goes but a little way to the discerning the justice of the cause. Justice is treated as a particular virtue. Moral reciprocity—doing to others as one would have them do to oneself and giving an equal return for benefits received is closely linked to impartiality, for to be impartial between oneself and someone else means doing nothing to profit at someone else’s expense. From this follow ideas such as a fair wage, a just price, and a fair exchange (commutative justice), as opposed to exploitation and profiteering. It may be difficult, of course, to evaluate benefits exchanged, and the only measure available may be a market price or some conventional standard. For instance, how can one evaluate domestic service without taking for granted a wage structure in which types of work are roughly graded according to accepted standards like skill and responsibility? And for any individual worker the just wage is necessarily related to the idea of the wage for the job. #RandolphHarris 3 of 5

Justice considered as reciprocity is often held to require returning evil for evil as much as good for good (lex talionis). In this case punishment would be paying back what is due. The natural impulse to retaliate is moralized as a sentiment of justice by confining it to those cases where the injury is to society at large and where retaliative justice has a useful deterrent function. However, although the duty of reciprocity may spring from our recognition of other people, just as much as ourselves, as persons with interests and claims deserving of respect, we cannot infer from that a duty to attack their interests whenever they attack either our own or even those of society at large. The idea of a law behind the law, the standard of justice to which positive law must conform, is exemplified in the immutable and unwritten laws of Heaven. There is a universal law of nature, equally accessible to all people through reason. Treating human law as the local application of natural law is itself an expression of God’s rational will guiding the Universe. Even if you suppose that God does not exist, one is still bound by the law of nature, since it is derived from the two human qualities of sociability and rationality. #RandolphHarris 4 of 5

To find right remedies and right method is the great function of knowledge. Our need of society dictates the minimum conditions for social harmony. Natural law thus came to be regarded as a Universal test of the justice for positive law. Just law formalizes a preexisting, objective, juridical relationship, that it does not create justice but recognizes and attaches sanction to what already exists, and it can be rationally established independently of positive law. It is based on the principle that a person subjected to legal norms must be respected as an end in oneself, and treated as a participant in the community. Nothing, humanely speaking, can deserve higher respect than a procession in which a people devotes the labor of one’s life to the support of justice. Knowledge, through patient and frugal centuries, enlarges discovery and makes good record of it; ignorance, wanting its day’s dinner, lights a fire with the record, and gives a flavor to its one roast with the burnt souls of many generations. Law and all form of law are only deductions made by the intelligence from the right instincts of the people’s heart. God works in mysterious ways, “He’s got some grand strategy that he can’t revulge,” says Archie Bunker. #RandolphHarris 5 of 5

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