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Evil at Fox Hollow Farm

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The evils of life are sufficiently great without adding to them those of the imagination. Allegation is a claim or assertion that someone has done something illegal or wrong, typically one made without proof.  An accusation serves as the basis for a civil lawsuit or criminal prosecution. In order for the accuser to win the case, one must prove the allegation. For example, in a suit for damages resulting from an auto accident, the clam that the driver’s carelessness caused the plaintiff’s injuries is an allegation that must be proved before the plaintiff can be compensated for injuries suffered. In referring to cases in which allegations have been made but not proved, reporters, attorneys, and others must use the word alleged to avoid defaming people who have been accused but not found guilty—for example, “The alleged robber was found a block from the scene of the crime.” The killing of one human being by another, is a homicide. Some homicides are legal and justifiable, or excusable; others are criminal. The killing of an enemy soldier in war or the execution of a convict under the valid sentence of a court is a legal homicide. An example of a justifiable homicide would be the killing of someone in self-defense to prevent a violent crime. Killing without such legal justification or excuse is known as illegal or criminal homicide. #RandolphHarris 1 of 6

nm,Depending on the circumstances, criminal homicides range from criminally negligent homicide, or manslaughter (the least serious) to first-degree murder (the most serious). The traditional definition of murder is the killing of one human being by another with malice. Malice is the element that distinguishes murder from manslaughter. A killing done with malice is an intentional killing without a valid legal reason (such as self-defense) and without any extenuating circumstances (such as extreme provocation or the heat of passion). There are two categories of malice under the law: express and implied. Express malice, or malice aforethought, exists when a person deliberately plans to kill another and then carries out his plans. Implied malice characterizes the action of a killer who did not deliberately plan the death of victim but acted with wanton disregard for his or her life. The human species is the only one which knows it will die, and it knows this through experience. Although some persons have questioned whether humans are the only animal who know they will die, arguing that certain of the lower animals appear to show some vague presentiment of approaching extinction, it appears to be unquestioned that humans alone regard death as a universal and phenomenon. #RandolphHarris 2 of 6

CmWrIPZUEAELKMCAre there great variations in the awareness or fear of death from person to person, from epoch to epoch, from culture to culture? The consciousness of death has been most acute in periods of social disorganization. The good or evil we confer on others very often recoils on ourselves. Herb Baumeister (7 April 1947 – 3 July 1996) is an American man and allegedly a serial killer from Westfield, Indiana. Herb was also known as Brain Smart. He was a handsome young man, successful business owner, husband and father of three children. He bought a sprawling mansion on a farm with 18 acers of land. In the early 1990s, young gay men started disappearing from gay bars. They all fit the same description, about 5’10”-5’11”, and around 150 pounds. In 1993, a man called the police and told them that a man named Brain Smart had killed his friend and tried to kill him. A few years later, the alleged victim called the police and gave them Brain Smart’s license plate number and they discovered the Brain Smart was actually Herb Baumeister. The police approached Herb and told him he had been accused of murder and asked if they could search his property, he and his wife Julie said no. One day while one of the kids was playing in the yard, he found a skull of a human and the father said it was just a medical prop. Sometime later, Julie discovered the skeleton of a man. #RandolphHarris 3 of 6

It was alleged that Brain Smart would go to the gay bar, pick up on his type of man, take him back to the house, and they would go to the basement where the indoor pool was and engage in the sex acts. He would use a hose to strangle them men and would kill them. One of the guys he took home was 6’2”, but he did not like him as much because he was not the size of Brain’s alleged victims. While Brain Smart was on vacation, his wife was in the process of divorcing him and allowed police to search the property. 5,000 bone fragments were unearthed, 11 bodies, and only four were identified. It is suspected that 20 men were killed. Investigators said with the more victims Brain Smart allegedly killed, the more comfortable he got. The first murder victims were further away from the house and buried deeper, and the newer victims were closed to the house and their bodies were not as deep in the ground. Nevertheless, Brain found out what was going on and fled to Canada, were he allegedly committed suicide by shooting himself in the head. However, some investigators are in conflict with the idea of Brain committing suicide. #RandolphHarris 4 of 6


ertyuiWhen Brain Smart’s body was discovered, they said he was well dressed and looked nice, like he had been prepared for a funeral, and his mouth was wide open. And they suspect it was a ritual killing because on either side of his body, there were seagulls and their heads were facing him and things were missing from his car. The mansion Brain Smart bought has been documented and is thought to be haunted. There are surveillance tapes of shadowy figures on the property and voices of unseen people picked up on audio. Brain Smart died before trial so these allegations of him being a serial killer are unproven. The important thing, however, is to think of death in the proper manner, reminding ourselves that we are but parts of nature and must reconcile ourselves to our allotted roles. Life is a banquet from which it is our obligation to retire graciously at the appointed time. It is like a role in a play whose limit ought to satisfy us, since they satisfy the author. The fear of death displays a baseness wholly incompatible with the dignity and calm of the true philosopher, who has learned to emancipated himself or herself from finite concerns. Learning to die is learning to commune with the eternal through the act of philosophic contemplation. #RandolphHarris 5 of 6

The superior person will not permit death to seek one out in ambush, to strike one down unawareness. The superior being will live constantly in the awareness of death, joyfully and proudly assuming death as the natural and proper terminus of life. Most people who die are no longer suffering, but the people they leave behind are because we miss them. The awareness of death is chiefly a means of heightening our sense of life. The knowledge of death gives to life a sense of urgency that it would otherwise lack. Life without the consciousness of death is like a romance without love or passion, game played without stakes. The awareness of death confers upon an individual a sense of one’s individuality. Dying is the one thing no one can do for you; each of us must die alone. To shut out the consciousness of death is, therefore, to refuse one’s individuality and to live inauthentically. The ghost of a dead progenitor—perhaps as a portion of one’s own punishment—is often doomed to become the Evil Genius of one’s family. The subtle devil is never absent from his business, but ready at all occasions to encourage his servants. Brain Smart (Herb Baumeister), and the other young men, God bless.  #RandolphHarris 6 of 6

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