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Is the Soul’s Health More Important than All the Powers of this World?

I cannot say that truth is stranger than fiction, because I have never had acquaintance with either. Whoever is without guile, let one lie down with the lion and the lamb and be not ashamed of one’s nakedness; for they shall put a ring upon one’s hand and shoes upon one’s feet; and all that … Continue reading

Ask What You Can Do for Your Country!

Man, evidently, was tired of merely having plants and animals and slaves to serve him, and robbing nature’s treasures of metal and stone, wood and yarn, of managing her water in canals and wells, of breaking her resistances with ships and roads, bridges and tunnels and dams. Now he meant not merely to plunder her … Continue reading

They Lived in the Youth of the World

The bravest fear that Americans have is that the conscience has gone down before the dollar. If we do not save this Great Republic, she will become rotten to the heart. Lust of conquest will have long ago done its work; trampling upon the helpless abroad will teach her, by a natural process, to endure … Continue reading

Why Don’t You Come and Try to Save Me?

Perplexity is leavened by the extravagant Victorian Winchester Mansion. The mansion that Mrs. Winchester spent 38 years constructing is a glittering vast rotunda with the ancient masters of all the arts wrought into a vision of glory and beauty with sculptured marbles and incrusted gems and costly gold-work and sunset splendors of color. Its miles … Continue reading

Golden Age of Innocence Before History Began

We, free citizens of the Great Republic, feel an honest pride in her greatness, her strength, her just and gentle government, her wide liberties, her honored name, her stainless history, her unsmirched flag, her hands clean from oppression of the weak and from malicious conquest, her hospital door that stands open to the hunted and … Continue reading

The Acting Head of the Human Race

Slaves, look at them! They abase themselves before clothes and the accident of birth—silver-glit nursery-baubles again—lord, it sizes-up the quality of the human race! The human race, that has such a fine opinion of itself. There is not a place of value in that place that goes by merit; not a rich sinecure but is … Continue reading

That Duality Cripples the Soul of Our Being

It was in the Hall of Sovereigns in the same palace which the Acting Head of the Human Race, and the Family had occupied, for many centuries. It is still the most gorgeous—and I think the most beautiful, too—in the Empire. Its gilded masses cover miles of space, and blaze like the fallen sun. Its … Continue reading

I’m Telling You, You the Hood Billionaire

Much progress has been made in America in every way possible, especially with medicine, technology, and race relations. However, there is a small faction of people that tend to make it appear that American people, through the Civil Rights movement and their challenge to racism in this country, have not accomplished anything. And that is … Continue reading

Frequent Occurrences of Hauntings

Whether or not one believes in Mrs. Winchester’s superstitions about spirits, it is harder to dismiss frequent occurrences of hauntings which assaulted one’s vision wherever one would look. The question of the “evil” in her home had already become too grave for her. The place was known to swarm with ghosts. Mrs. Winchester was seated … Continue reading

Time is Running Out—Stop Buying Time for Error

A mob, which is generally the growth of a redundant population goaded by resentment for real sufferings, but totally ignorant of the quarter from which they originate, is of all monsters the most fatal to freedom. It fosters a prevailing tyranny and engenders on where it was not; and though in its dreadful fits of … Continue reading